How does this service work?

Our Dial a Driver .05 driver will meet you at your car, and drive you and your passengers home in your own car. Our own “tail” car will follow to pick up our driver at the end of the journey

How much does Dial a Driver cost?

The cost varies, and is calculated according to how many kilometres are travelled. We are always happy to provide an estimate of the cost for the trip once we know the pickup and drop off locations.

How can I pay?

Dial a Driver .05 accepts EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard and cash payment

How do I book Dial a Driver .05?

You can simply call us whenever you require our Dial a Driver service in Rockhampton, and you also have the option of pre-booking. Pre-booking is advisable at times of high demand on our services (e.g New Years Eve), or if you require a booking outside of our usual business hours.